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Verona, WI Adult Family Home Placement and Referral Agency

Verona, WI adult family homes are also known as residential care homes, and board and care homes. We offer a free service to consumers looking for an adult family home. Our online Verona adult family home placement and referral agency service directory will help seniors search for and find top affordable adult family homes that will meet their senior care needs.

There are many excellent adult family homes in Verona to choose from. For your convenience, we are listing some of the best affordable Verona, WI adult family homes that accept private pay. Carewatchers is proud to have adult family homes listed with us that help residents achieve their independence while maintaining quality care and protecting resident's rights.

Adult Family Homes Services

The basic services include, but are not limited to housing, nutritional meals, help with activities of daily living, bathing, dressing, eating, walking, physical transfer and medication management.

Adult family homes provide full-time, family type living in a private residential home for up to six elderly persons not related to the owner, the owner may live in the same home as the residents.

Verona, WI adult family homes offer residents private rooms, shared rooms or rooms with baths. They also provide transportation to and from health care services and supervise and monitor their social activities.

Adult family homes are also used in caring for people with mental health, dementia and developmental disabilities. Because of the wide range of services, consumers should look closely at the services provided to be sure they will fit their care needs.

Caregiver Duties

An adult family home in Verona, WI has one to two caregivers per shift, with the owner being the back up. The caregiver is generally responsible for meals as well as for keeping the home clean. The caregiver's staff-to-resident ratio is lower than an assisted living facility.

Adult Family Home Regulations

Adult family homes/Board and care homes in Verona, WI are regulated by the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin has their own policies that define and regulate what care and services are required for an adult family home to meet the state standards. Board and care homes in Wisconsin have been used by the Department of Social and Health Services for many years as the least restrictive and least expensive place to care for the aging population.

Listed below are four Verona, WI adult family homes. You can call them directly, or you may call Carewatchers. Our service is no cost to the consumer. Thank you for searching our online adult family home placement and referral agency service directory for a referral or placement.

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Three Senior Care Options To Keep Your Retirement Years Golden

You might have heard your parents or friends say as they age, "I want to stay in my own home." Seniors have several care options when they find themselves experiencing mobility or other issues. They can remodel their home and stay put or move into a retirement community. There are many comfortable and affordable communities. To decide which of the three options is the best for you, here are a few things to consider.

Modify Your Home and Age in Place

Aging in place is an excellent option for those who love their house and neighborhood. However, home modifications are often necessary to resolve mobility issues. Typical changes are:

• Increased lighting throughout the house

• Accessible light switches at both ends of stairs or hallways

• Lever-style door handles that are easy to reach and operate

• Add safety bars and strips to the shower enclosure

• Install shorter-nap carpets in living areas

• Non-slip/skid flooring for both traction and cushion

• Curbless (walk-in) showers for easy access

• Wider doorways to allow for wheelchairs

• Install wheelchair ramps at each entry for safety

Over the last decade, the emergence of in-home care has created a new service industry meeting an ever-growing senior demand. In-home care agencies render a range of medical care needs, companionship, supervision, and personal care services in the comfort and convenience of a person's own home.

The advantages to this option are:

• Safest and Healthiest Choice

• Maintains Familiarity and Comfort

• Saving Money over Other Choices

The disadvantages include keeping up with home maintenance and repairs, feeling isolated when you no longer drive and having to move later if your physical or mental health declines.

Buy a Home in an Active Adult Community

If the idea of purchasing a senior-friendly home in an active adult community appeals to you, the sale of your house could make it affordable for you. Contact an experienced local real estate agent to learn what similar homes are selling for in today's housing market, how much a home in the senior community of your choice costs and what the average down payment would be. Investigate the price of moving to a smaller home. If you have a high amount of equity in your current home or you decide to downsize, your home sale could provide the cash you need to buy your retirement home with cash.

Beyond living in a home designed for seniors, there are lots of advantages to an active adult community, including:

• Having home and lawn maintenance provided

• Enjoying amenities, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, golf courses, restaurants and clubhouses

• Maintaining a social life with other retirees

• Enjoying on-site activities and events

• Retaining the financial and tax benefits of homeownership

The downsides are feeling cramped in a smaller home, dealing with a restrictive homeowners' association with high monthly fees and missing having young families or adults in the neighborhood.

Transition to an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living is the best choice for those who struggle with the daily living activities of cooking, bathing, eating, dressing, walking or continence. There are various options, from luxury facilities with private accommodations and amenities to smaller buildings with basic services and semi-private rooms. According to a recent Genworth cost of care survey, the current average cost of assisted living is $51,600 per year.

The pros of assisted living are getting the extra care you need in a safe environment with meals provided for you and activities to keep you mentally sharp and socially active with others. The cons are the expense, lack of privacy and trouble adjusting to life in a group setting.

Modifying your home to age in place, moving to a senior community or transitioning to assisted living are all options for you in retirement when mobility becomes an issue. The right choice for you is the one that keeps you safe and happy in your golden years.