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Tired of waiting on agencies to bring residents? Tired of High referral fees?

Fill your own residential care home vacancies

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Residential Care Home Advertising and Marketing Tool That Fills Your Vacancies

Carewatchers offers an advertising and marketing tool for $34.95 month to month. (see twelve month subscription below) Now you can advertise your private pay or Medicaid/Medi-Cal residential care home 365 days a year. Our service does not conflict with any government or state regulations regarding referral fees.

In 2020 everything changed due to the pandemic making it almost impossible for providers to rely 100% on traditional agencies to bring them residents. Also, most providers struggle with the high cost of referral fees and the added cost of personal protective equipment and other supplies.

Carewatchers is a placement and referral agency that advertises and markets your facility on the internet to consumers looking for placement the same as traditional agencies. However, we allow the consumer to call your facility direct instead of going through a referral agency. That's where we're different, and that's how we eliminate a referral fee. Carewatchers provides your facility with the same opportunity that a traditional agency has to fill a vacancy.

Carewatchers provides your facility exposure to consumers through our online search results, our senior online audience, and our network of social workers and discharge planners seeking to make a residential care home placement. As well, Carewatchers will refer your facility to all prospective residents that contact us looking for a care home in your city.

Our current providers view Carewatchers as an affordable alternative or enhancement. We help residential care homes compete against traditional agencies and the larger facilities. We don't charge a referral fee, but we do help fill vacancies. Carewatchers believes instead of you paying thousands of dollars as a first-month referral fee, that money can be better spent by you contributing to the resident's care as opposed to paying an agency. Our 20 years of experience has proven our commitment to your success.

Ninety-three percent of all consumers search online when looking for almost everything, even when they're looking for a residential care home. That means you must have an online presence. If the consumer can't see your facility online, the consumer won't find your facility. Advertising and marketing equal referrals, and referrals equal placements.

The Benefits

• Save thousands of dollars when Carewatchers sends a referral that moves into your facility

• Month to month subscription for $34.95 - with no referral fee or written contracts

• Start and stop your month to month subscription whenever you like without penalties

• Now you can compete against traditional agencies and the larger facilities

• Marketing tool that gives your facility an advantage over other residential care homes

• Potential private pay residents can call your residential care home direct from your listing

• Social workers and discharge planners have access to your listing 24-hours a day

• Enhances your current marketing and advertising campaigns

• Provides your facility another referral source that fills vacancies without a referral fee

• Our referral service does not conflict with your current agency

• Your facility will be seen in more search results providing more opportunities to fill vacancies

Your facility will be seen 365 days a year

Twelve Monthly Payments of $19.95

Month to Month Subscription

Start and Stop anytime without a penalty

If your city is not open, send us an email to [email protected] or call us at 800-564-8185 and we will open your city within 24-hours.

Still Have Questions? 800-564-8185