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Carewatchers has assisted residential care homes for the past 20 years by providing them with online visibility, allowing them to fill empty beds. When searching for anything, including residential care homes, people often turn to the Internet for help. In today's times, relying solely on agencies to bring in residents is not feasible due to the increased number of facilities and a shortage of agencies. To avoid empty beds, it is crucial to be proactive.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Referral Agencies?

We stand out from other agencies by offering direct communication between family members and the provider responsible for their loved one. We provide a list of four care homes in your city on our website, which family members can contact you directly without any referral fees.

Care Home Providers' Lessons Learned

The state reports that some care home providers opt to close their residential facilities in as little as one or two years. These providers quickly realize the challenge of attracting new residents and the intense competition among residential care homes for each potential resident after opening their own care home.

How To Attract New Residents

Whether your residential care home is big or small, new or established, we can assist you in filling your beds. Typically, residential care homes have two alternatives for attracting residents besides relying on word-of-mouth. You can either depend on agencies to bring in residents and pay high referral fees or engage in online advertising.

Why Residential Care Homes Advertise With Carewatchers

• We showcase your home on our website's local listing for better online visibility in your city. We include your phone number in the listing instead of ours so that family members can contact you directly without any referral fee. The listing also highlights your contact information, accepted payments, offered services, and a link to your website (if you have one). Additionally, there's a form on the listing that family members can use to email you about their loved one's care needs.

• We limit our advertising to four care homes in each city, which increases your chances of receiving direct referrals from potential residents.

• We ensure that your care home is visible to the key decision-makers, such as rehab facilities, discharge planners, and social workers searching for a suitable care home for their patients.

• We help increase your home's online visibility so that you can attract residents round-the-clock through online searches, even if you don't have a website.

• When family members reach out to us to find a care home for their loved one, we gather their contact information, a physician's report, and other essential details about their care needs and budget. Then, we promptly send this information via email to all four subscribers and follow up with each care home to ensure they receive the necessary information.

Our Guarantee

We are highly confident in the effectiveness of our service. If your care home does not receive multiple residents within the first year, we will provide a second year free of charge. Our service has a proven track record of filling vacancies for over two decades, allowing us to offer this guarantee confidently.

The Bottom Line

At Carewatchers, we provide something unique compared to other referral agencies. We offer an alternative to waiting for agencies by providing an affordable one-year flat-rate referral service with no referral fees for your residential care home. We also provide 24/7 online exposure and only advertise four homes per city. If you're interested, we can demonstrate the value of our service to you before you subscribe, and we guarantee our service.

Once you sign up, Carewatchers will create your listing within 24 hours, send you a welcome email, and assign a representative to your account.

Residential Care Home Requirements

Must be a state licensed residential care home.

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If your city is not available, send us an email to [email protected] or call us at 800-564-8185 and we will open your city within 24 hours.

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