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Senior Placement and Referral Agency Service

Carewatchers is a senior care placement and referral agency service that serves the United States and Canada. We offer a unique, supportive, and compassionate process in helping family members choose the best senior care option.

Our senior care facility placement and referral agency works with a network of specialized providers that take pride in maintaining quality care and protecting resident's rights.

Carewatchers does not receive a referral fee from any of our senior care options. Our senior referral agency service is free to family members looking to place their loved one in a senior care facility and helping seniors find an in-home care agency.

Our senior care placement agency is exclusive to nine care options. The options include: adult day care health centers, assisted living facilities, home care agencies, independent living communities, memory care facilities, residential care homes, and skilled nursing facilities.

When professional care is needed

There comes a time when a loved one becomes uncomfortable with living alone due to the possibilities of falling, getting sick, safety issues, forgetting to take medications, loneliness, poor nutrition, or difficulty taking care of household responsibilities. It is important to recognize these signs early and work with your loved one to determine the appropriate senior living situation.

There is a broad array of senior care options available to seniors from staying in your own home to specialized facilities that provide round-the-clock nursing care. To begin planning for a new living situation one must first be aware of the different options available and to learn which type will best suit your needs. Below we have provided information on each senior option.

Carewatchers a Hybrid Referral Agency

Placing Your Loved One

Carewatchers helps families find the appropriate senior care facility or senior care agency that will suit the care needs of your loved one. Carewatchers does not take the first-month payment you make to the facility for your loved one's care as an agency fee, unlike other agencies. One hundred percent of the first-month payment goes to the facility for your loved one's care.

When the time has come to consider a senior care facility for a loved one with a progressive disease such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or other ongoing chronic health conditions, this can be a difficult time.

Carewatchers connects you to providers who are the experts to discuss the unique care your loved one is going to need. As well, we give you a choice for you to contact these facilities at your convenience or have the facility contact you. A tour to visit the facility can also be arranged at this time. Carewatchers is always available to offer experience, knowledge, and compassion to help guide you through this process.

Fill Your Facility Vacancies

What is a hybrid senior referral agency? We're glad you asked. Hybrid means having two components that produce the same or similar results. Carewatchers offers advertising and marketing, and the result is providing your facility placements and referrals that fill vacancies.

Carewatchers does not advise family members on what care your facility offers. We connect you the expert directly with the family whom you would be providing the care. Who better to discuss the care of their loved one.

Carewatchers does not charge your facility a referral fee. Our flat-rate subscriptions are much less than the cost of other referral agencies. The resident's first-month payment goes to your facility to cover the cost of care instead of as an agency referral fee. We believe facilities should spend more on the care of residents than paying referral fees, don't you agree? More facilities are gravitating towards our model because it just makes sense.


My family thanks you for the time and patience you gave educating us on senior care and ultimately finding a facility for our mom and dad. There was no way we could have attempted this without you.

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- Monroe Family

I knew nothing about a senior placement agency and needed help in making an informed decision about my mom’s care. Together we chose the right facility for her and I’m happy that she’s very happy now!

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- Candace Lumia

I was referred to you by a friend who used your service for her parent. I found you to be very knowledgeable and compassionate in locating the right care home for my mom. It all went very smooth.

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- Beth Warren