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Carewatchers residential care home placement and referral agency service

Roanoke, VA residential care homes are also known as residential care facilities, care homes, and board and care homes. Our Roanoke, VA residential care home placement and referral agency service directory will help seniors search for and find top residential care homes that will meet their senior care needs.

There are many excellent residential care homes in Roanoke to choose from. For your convenience, we are listing some of the best Roanoke, VA residential care homes that accept private pay. Carewatchers is proud to have residential care facilities listed with us who help residents achieve their independence while maintaining quality care and protecting resident's rights.

Residential Care Facility Services

There are a wide range of services offered by residential care facilities, therefore, consumers should look at each care facility closely to see if the services provided will meet their needs. Residents in a residential care facility require varying levels of personal care.

Residential care homes provide room, board, laundry, supervision and the necessary help with activities of daily living, personal care and social services. Residential care facilities in Roanoke, VA offer residents a real home setting that is comfortable and secure.

Roanoke, VA residential care homes can range in size from being a one bed facility up to ten beds. The average size facility is between four to six beds.

Residential care homes offer private rooms, shared rooms or rooms with baths. Settings for board and care homes in Roanoke, VA can vary from luxurious homes to average size houses.

Most residential care facilities have one to two caregivers per shift, the owner being the back up. The caregiver is generally responsible for meals as well as for keeping the home clean. The caregiver's staff-to-resident ratio is lower than any other facility type.

Roanoke, VA residential care facilities are often half the cost of some care facilities, and in most cases, it is even more affordable than assisted living care. However, cost can vary depending on the geographical location of the Roanoke residential care facility.

Residential Care Facility Regulations

Roanoke, VA residential care homes are regulated by the State of Virginia. Virginia has their own policies that define and regulate what care and services are required for a residential care home to meet the state standards. Virginia has used residential care facilities for many years as the least restrictive and expensive place to care for the aging population.

Listed below are four Roanoke, VA residential care homes. You can call them directly, or you may call Carewatchers. Our service is no cost to the consumer. Thank you for searching our Roanoke residential care home placement and referral agency service directory for a referral or placement.

Family Testimonials

We were in search of a residential care home for our mom because of their small home-like setting. The Carewatchers website made it easy to find homes in our city that we could call directly. We enjoyed not having to go through an agency to speak to care homes.

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- Christine Dangerfield

I found Carewatchers online while trying to locate some residential care homes for our dad. I filled out a form and had the choice of calling the four homes they listed in my area or having them call me. Other agencies overwhelmed me with phone calls from all over, and I didn't like that.

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- Jerry Johnson

It was nice to hear that Carewatchers doesn't accept a referral fee from residential care homes. They said the money would be best used by the home to care for the residents. Our family appreciated hearing this. We thank you Carewatchers, for thinking of others.

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- Donna Franklin

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