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Tired Of Waiting For Agencies? Be Proactive for $19.95 A Month

Let's start by stating a few facts. Today 85% of adults in the US have a smartphone, 93% of consumers use Google to search online, and 75% of consumers will never scroll past the first page. What does this mean? All referral agencies must be online advertising and marketing experts in first-page search results to be successful in helping you fill your vacancies. Carewatchers is among the top three referral agencies for first-page search results nationwide.

Differences Between Carewatchers & Other Referral Agencies

Although there are several differences, as seen below, the main difference is that Carewatchers offers a flat rate service that will dramatically cut your referral cost. For example, if a typical referral agency refers your facility a resident that moves in, the referral fee would be around $3,000. However, if Carewatchers refers just one move-in for the year, your cost would be $240.00. That would save enough money to pay for our service for ten years or more. Just imagine what your savings would be if we referred four or more move-ins for the year. It's very achievable.

• Carewatchers lists your facility on our website just like other agencies. However, we place your number in the listing instead of placing ours. We know from experience the family member wants to speak to the care provider first before speaking to an agency.

• Carewatchers does not charge your adult family home a first-month referral fee like other agencies. We believe the money could be spent on the residents' care or offsetting the cost of staffing instead of paying thousands in referral fees.

• Unlike other agencies, Carewatchers uses your number in the listing allowing social workers and discharge planners to call you directly to place residents in your skilled nursing facility.

• Carewatchers offers an affordable and viable alternative to help your skilled nursing facility fill vacancies while waiting for other agencies to bring your facility residents. Our service is month to month with no written contract.

There are benefits in using both agencies. For example, because of the cost of our service, you can be proactive in your marketing year-round.

How It Works

If you choose to subscribe with us, Carewatchers will list your skilled nursing facility in our database within 24 hours, send a welcome email, and assign your facility a representative. Potential residents will have a couple ways to reach out to you from your listing. They can call you direct using your number in the listing you provided. They can fill out a form in your listing that is forwarded to your email, providing you with information about their loved one's care needs.

Finally, if they call us instead of going to your listing, we get details about the resident, such as the POA's contact info, a physician's report, and their monthly care budget. We ask the family to select the city where they want their loved ones placed and which facilities they would like to tour from our listings. This information will be forwarded to you via email and followed up with a call to ensure it did not go into your spam folder.

The Benefits

• Save thousands of dollars when a placement comes from Carewatchers or a referral from your listing

• No referral fees allow more money for the resident's care or offset the cost of staffing

• The cost of our service allows you to be proactive while waiting on other agencies

• There is no written contract you can stop when you like with no penalties

• Gives your facility an advantage over skilled nursing facilities that don't advertise

• Potential private pay residents can call your skilled nursing facility direct from your listing

• Social workers and discharge planners have access to your listing 24-hours a day

• Enhances your current marketing and advertising campaigns

• Provides your facility a referral source that fills vacancies without a referral fee

• Our referral service does not conflict with your current agency

• Your facility is in more search results providing more opportunities to fill vacancies

• Linking from our website improves your site's visibility in the search results

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