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You want to be found on the web. We want to help.

If your skilled nursing facility isn't seen on the web, It Won't Be Found

Carewatchers offers a new skilled nursing facility advertising and marketing referral service for only $34.95 on a month to month basis. Our referral service will help your skilled nursing facility cultivate and attract private pay residents. Carewatchers has been referring seniors to skilled nursing facilities for over a decade, and we are the number one listed senior placement and referral agency online.

Carewatchers exposes your skilled nursing facility to our online senior audience, as well, to our established network of social workers and health care professionals looking for a skilled nursing facility. Our advertising and marketing service is exclusive to only four skilled nursing facilities per city to provide your facility the most in referral opportunities. And there are no additional referral fees or written contracts.

Your Subscription Includes...

A listing in our database that allows potential private pay residents searching the internet by city to find your skilled nursing facility. Carewatchers will also refer your skilled nursing facility to all potential residents that contact us looking for a skilled nursing facility in your city.

From your listing potential residents can conveniently send key important information to your skilled nursing facility such as the resident's care needs, preliminary diagnosis if any, and monthly care budget.

Hospital social workers, rehabilitation centers and medical professionals have access to your skilled nursing facility through our database. They can also contact us or call you direct. As well from your listing, social workers can send you key important information about the resident who is in need of care.

How to Get Started Its Quick and Easy

1. Click the subscribe button below
2. Provide us the information requested
3. Proceed to checkout
4. Select "new customer" to create an account
5. Continue to complete credit card information

Your listing will be in our database in 24 hours

12 Reasons to Get Started

• Start and stop your month to month subscription whenever you like without penalties

• Exclusive to only four skilled nursing facilities in each city

• A marketing tool that gives you an advantage over your competition

• You no longer need to rely 100% on referral agencies

• Provides your facility internet exposure 24-hours a day

• Potential private pay residents can call your skilled nursing facility direct

• Provides your skilled nursing facility an online presence 24-hours a day if you don't have a website

• There are no additional referral fees or written contracts

• Social workers and rehab facilities have access to your listing 24-hours a day

• Enhances your current marketing and provides an alternative

• Linking to our website will provide your site a higher ranking

• We guarantee your skilled nursing facility exposure to seniors looking for care

Act now! Carewatchers is only accepting a limited number of skilled nursing facilities in each city. If your city is not open, send us an email to [email protected] or call us at 800-564-8185 and we will open your city within 24-hours.

Still Have Questions? 800-564-8185