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Let's face it, in today's world; there's fierce competition for skilled nursing facilities. Care facilities must have online exposure to stay competitive and be successful. Carewatchers provides your skilled nursing facility with an online presence so consumers can find you.

Carewatchers is proud to partner with new and established skilled nursing facilities that serve consumers looking to place their loved ones. Carewatchers has thousands of visitors to our site every month. We need skilled nursing facilities for senior referrals and placements, and skilled nursing facilities need agencies and advertisements to fill vacancies. Let's work together!

For the most part, skilled nursing facilities have a couple of options to fill their vacancies. One option is to rely on agencies to bring you residents. Agencies are one way to start, but they can be expensive, and there aren't enough agencies to supply the demand. The other option is to advertise and promote your skilled nursing facility with us.

Why Skilled Nursing Facilities Advertise With Carewatchers

We only list up to four skilled nursing facilities per city - We've limited the number of facilities that receive referrals from us to reduce your competition.

Leads and referrals - We provide you with a listing that allows family members looking for a placement to call you direct, unlike other agencies.

We show you the value of our service - Before you subscribe, we like to show you how and where we advertise your skilled nursing facility to attract residents.

We guarantee our service - If you don't receive multiple private pay residents within the first year, we will give you a second year free.

What Goes In Your Listing

Listing your skilled nursing facility with Carewatchers provides four ways to attract new residents:

• Carewatchers will list your skilled nursing facility on our website, allowing potential residents, social workers, rehab facilities, and discharge planners to call you directly from your listing. They have access to your listing 24 hours a day.

• Carewatchers includes a form in your listing, allowing potential residents to submit information that only you will receive about their care needs via email.

• We link your website to the listing, which will improve your online ranking and brand visibility and provide the family member with more information about your services.

• When family members contact a Carewatchers representative for placement services, we collect the contact information, a physician's report, and their monthly care budget. Carewatchers will forward this information via email to all four subscribers simultaneously and follow up to ensure the facilities receive the referral information.

Upon sign-up, Carewatchers will set up your listing within 24 hours, send a welcome email, and assign a representative to your account.

Skilled Nursing Facility Requirements

• Must have a website or webpage providing family members with more info about your skilled nursing facility services.

• Provide a Backlink to our website

• Must be a state licensed skilled nursing facility.

$599.95 One Year Subscription


Let Us Show You The Value Of Our Service - 800-564-8185 Ext. 2

If your city is not available, send us an email to [email protected] or call us at 800-564-8185 and we will open your city within 24 hours.

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