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A New Approach To Fill Your Independent Living Community Vacancies

Since early 2020, everything has changed due to the pandemic. Communities found themselves unable to take new residents, and families were unable to see their loved ones. In some cases, the virus spread from one community to another. It was clear there would be changes in community protocol. After stepping back for a couple of months, Carewatchers thought it would be an excellent time to organize a virtual focus group to see how our team could better service communities going forward.

The Focus Group Asked the Following Questions

• We understand if we don't show up on the first or second page of search results no one will see us... what can you do to get us more exposure?

• What could we do to fill our vacancies, so we don't have to rely so much on agencies?

• What can Carewatchers do to help us fill our senior apartments and reduce our referral costs?

Carewatchers Makes Changes to our Service

• Depending on the size of the population, we partner with four independent living communities per city.

• We display your facility in our 20 or more organic first-page search term results.

• One Year Contract does not automatically renew - with no referral fee.

The Benefits of Our Service

• Save thousands of dollars when Carewatchers sends a referral that moves into your community

• Our service does not conflict with your current agency

• Linking from our website improves your site's visibility in the search results

• A marketing tool that provides you an advantage over your competition

• Potential residents can call your independent living community direct from your listing

• Enhances your current marketing and advertising campaigns

• Provides your community with a referral source that fills vacancies without a referral fee

• Your community is seen in more search results providing more opportunities to fill vacancies

How It Works

Most community websites are not found in the search results until the third or fourth page, which doesn't help much. Carewatchers will provide your community a listing in our over 20 organic first-page search results covering many common keywords consumers use to find a community. Search terms and keyword phrases such as independent living community placement, nursing home referral, placement, referral, agency, service, senior community, best, top, directory, listings, and more. Carewatchers lists your community on our website, and instead of placing OUR contact number in our search results listings, we place YOURS. That way, potential residents can contact your community directly, giving you control over the incoming call, helping you fill your vacancies and eliminating referral fees.

Act now! If your city is not open, send us an email to [email protected] or call us at 800-564-8185 ext 525 and we will open your city within 24-hours.

Still Have Questions? 800-564-8185