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In-Home Care Advertising & Marketing For $9.95 A Month

Attracting New Clients Starts With Online Exposure

Carewatchers has designed an advertising and marketing service for $9.95 month to month that connects potential clients directly to your agency. Advertising and marketing have been made affordable to small and large agencies, and now there is no reason not to advertise your in-home care agency or continue paying the high cost of leads. You won't find another agency online that helps in-home care agencies advertise and market their agency at such a reasonable cost.

Carewatchers has been referring seniors to home care agencies for over a decade. We serve over six thousand cities in the United States and Canada and are the number one listed senior placement and referral agency online.

Carewatchers will provide your in-home care agency exposure to our senior online audience, our established network of discharge planners, social workers, and health care professionals looking for a private pay home care agency.

From your listing in our database, any of the above institutions can call you directly and send your agency essential information about the client, such as their contact information, care needs or services, and weekly or monthly care budget.

Private pay clients can call your agency direct from your listing, send your agency info about their care needs, and access your website. Also, Carewatchers will refer to your agency all potential clients that contact us looking for an in-home care agency in your city.

Our advertising and marketing service is exclusive for up to ten agencies per city, depending on the city's population, which provides your agency with more referral opportunities. There are no additional fees when you receive a client, and Carewatchers does not require a written contract for your agency to get started.

Whether your agency is new or established, Carewatchers is looking for professionals who understand that advertising and marketing are not like buying a product; you don't always get instant gratification. If you choose to subscribe with us, Carewatchers will add your agency to our database within 24 hours, send a welcome letter, and assign your agency a representative.

Ninety-three percent of all consumers search online when looking for almost everything, even when they're looking for an in-home care agency. That means you must have a consistent online presence. If the consumer can't see your agency online, the consumer won't find your agency. Advertising and marketing equal referrals and referrals equal clients.

The Benefits

• Carewatchers offers a subscription for $9.95 month to month

• Stop your subscription whenever you like without penalties

• Exclusive with up to ten in-home care agencies per city

• There are no additional referral fees or written contracts

• Provides your agency an online presence 24-hours a day

• Gives your agency an advantage over other agencies that don't advertise

• Private pay clients can call your in-home agency direct from your listing

• Social workers and discharge planners have access to your listing 24-hours a day

• Enhances your current marketing and advertising campaigns

• Provides your agency a referral source that attracts new clients without a referral fee

• You will have an online presence 24-hours a day even if you don't have a website

• Your agency will be seen in more search results providing more opportunities for new clients

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$9.95 Per Month

"Our Way Of Helping In-Home Care Agencies"


If your city is not open, send us an email to [email protected] or call us at 800-564-8185 and we will open your city within 24-hours.

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