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Carewatchers has provided in-home care agencies with an online presence for over a decade. Online visibility is necessary for building your brand, which is vital in attracting new leads and referrals. After all, if your agency can't be seen online, your agency won't be found. When you're looking for something, don't you search online? If your agency is small or large, new or existing, we can help your agency with leads and referrals.

Let's face it, in today's market, competition for in-home care agencies is fierce. Home care agencies must have local online visibility to be successful. After all, when seniors seek in-home care, they search for an agency locally rather than by county. Carewatchers provides your agency with the necessary visibility to attract new clients.

For the most part, home care agencies have a couple of options to generate new clients besides knocking on doors. One is to buy leads from larger agencies which is an excellent way to get started but can get expensive quickly, especially when the leads don't turn into new clients. The other option is advertising.

Why Agencies Advertise With Carewatchers

• We provide you with a listing on our website in the city of your choice. We display your contact information; we show the payments you accept, which services you offer as a medical or non-medical agency, and a link to your website if you have one. There is also a form for clients to send details to your agency via email about their care needs.

• We only advertise four agencies per city, giving you more opportunities to acquire leads and referrals coming directly to you from private pay clients. You can advertise your agency in the city you choose. However, we recommend selecting the largest city in your service area nearest you to give your agency a larger senior audience.

• We put your agency in front of the decision-makers in rehab facilities, discharge planners, and social workers looking for in-home care services for their patients.

• Our service is perfect for in-home care agencies needing a website and for those with a website to help them promote their agency online. We provide your agency with the online visibility required to attract referrals and leads twenty-four hours a day, whether you have a website or not.

• When seniors contact a Carewatchers representative looking for home care services, we collect their contact information, details about the client's care needs, and care budget. Carewatchers will forward this information through email to all four subscribers simultaneously and follow up to ensure the agencies receive the referral information.

We guarantee our service - We are so confident in our service that if your agency does not receive multiple clients within the first year, we will give your agency a second year free. We can offer this guarantee because our service has been proven over the past decade.

In a nutshell, we offer what other agencies don't. Carewatchers is an alternative to your current marketing and advertising. We provide your agency with an affordable one-year flat-rate referral service, online exposure 24 hours a day, we only advertise four agencies per city,you can advertise in the city of your choice and our service is guaranteed.

$399.95 One Year Subscription


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If your city is not available, send us an email to [email protected] or call us at 800-564-8185 and we will open your city within 24 hours.

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