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Tired Of Waiting For Agencies? Promote Your Adult Family Home

How Carewatchers Helps Fill Your Vacancies

One of the biggest missteps for adult family homes is not promoting their adult family home and waiting for agencies. For this reason, Carewatchers has made our referral source affordable, so you can always promote your adult family home even when you don't have vacancies. Our agency gives adult family homes an additional online presence, and we provide online searches for consumers to find adult family homes in ways that you can't. Promote your adult family home for referrals and placements.

According to the state, some providers will close their adult family homes after only one or two years. Usually, it's because they did not realize how difficult it would be to share their home with others, how hard it would be to attract new residents, and how much competition adult family homes have for every resident.

• Carewatchers will list your facility on our website just like other agencies. However, we place YOUR phone number in the listing instead of OURS. Now potential residents can call you directly from the listing and eliminate a referral fee.

• Carewatchers does not charge adult family homes a first-month referral fee like other agencies when we refer a resident. In fact, instead of facilities paying a referral fee, wouldn't it be beneficial to use the money on the residents' care and offset the increased cost of staffing?

• Carewatchers places the facility number in the listing allowing social workers and discharge planners to call the adult family home directly to place private pay and Medicaid residents.

• Carewatchers offers adult family homes an affordable and viable alternative to help fill vacancies while waiting for other agencies to bring residents.

How Our Service Works

Carewatchers will list your adult family home in our database within 24 hours, send a welcome email, and assign a representative. Potential residents will have a couple of ways to reach you from the listing. They can call directly using the number in the listing, and they can fill out a form in the listing that is forwarded to you via email, providing information about their loved one's care needs.

Finally, if the consumer calls us instead of going to the listing, we get details about the resident, such as the POA's contact info, a physician's report, and their monthly care budget. The family selects the city where they want their loved one placed and which homes they would like to tour from our listings. This information will be forwarded via email to the adult family homes selected and followed up with a call from us to ensure it did not go into a spam folder.

AFH Council Members Only

$150 One Year Subscription


We only list state licensed facilities

AFH NON-Member

$250 One Year Subscription


We only list state licensed facilities

If your city is not open, send us an email to [email protected] or call us at 800-564-8185 and we will open your city within 24-hours.

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