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Are you looking for another referral source?

Carewatchers offers hospice care facilities a new advertising and marketing referral service for $34.95 month to month. Our subscription-based referral service will help your facility cultivate and attract new patients. Carewatchers has been referring patients to hospice care facilities for over a decade, and we are the number one listed senior placement and referral agency online.

Carewatchers provides your hospice care facility exposure to new patients, our senior online audience, and to our established network of social workers and health care professionals looking for a private pay hospice care facility. Our advertising and marketing referral services are exclusive to only four facility per city to provide the most in referral opportunities. And there are no additional referral fees or written contracts.

Your Subscription Includes

A listing in our database that allows potential private pay patients searching the internet by the city to find your hospice care facility. Carewatchers will also refer your facility to all potential patients that contact us looking for hospice care in your city or town.

From your listing, potential patients can conveniently send essential important information to the facility such as the client's care needs, preliminary diagnosis, and care budget.

Hospital social workers, rehabilitation centers, and medical professionals have access to your hospice care facility through our database. They can also contact us or call you direct. As well from your listing, social workers can send you essential information about the client who needs hospice care.

12 Reasons to Get Started

• Month to month subscription for $34.95 - with no referral fee or written contracts

• Start and stop your month to month subscription whenever you like without penalties

• Exclusive to only four hospice care facilities per city

• An affordable marketing tool that gives your facility an advantage over your competition

• Potential private pay residents can call your hospice care facility direct from your listing

• Social workers and rehab facilities have access to your listing 24-hours a day

• Enhances your current marketing and advertising campaigns

• Provides your facility another referral source that attracts new clients without a referral fee

• Our referral service does not conflict with your current agency

• We offer a referral service that is a low risk with a high reward

• Provides your hospice care facility an online presence 24-hours a day if you don't have a website

• Your facility will be seen in more search results providing more opportunities new clients

Pricing Plans

Choose a pricing plan that suits your budget

Month to Month Subscription


Start and Stop My Subscription Anytime.


One Year Subscription


Your facility will be seen for an entire year.


If your city is not open, send us an email to [email protected] or call us at 800-564-8185 and we will open your city within 24-hours.

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