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Hospice Care Facility Marketing and Referrals For The Entire Year $499.00

Marketing Equals Referrals

Carewatchers has a new referral service model for hospice care facilities. The cost is $499 for an entire year with no referral fee or contract. In order to provide more referral opportunities, Carewatchers is exclusive to only three hospice care facilities per city.

Carewatchers has been placing and referring elder/seniors for over 15 years. We have an established network of professionals and an online directory presence that is second to none that will help your facility reach two key marketing areas.

(1) Consumer marketing is marketing your hospice care to individuals you don't know. Having a directory listing with Carewatchers means your facility will be viewed by an elder/senior audience looking for care.

(2) Referral marketing is marketing your facility to individuals or health care professionals you do know. Your directory listing with Carewatchers means your facility will be accessible to our established network of professionals.

Carewatchers will provide your facility the ultimate exposure. If your facility cannot be seen, your facility cannot be found.

Marketing can be expensive and time consuming. Carewatchers has done the work that provides your hospice care immediate exposure to the elder/senior market. Simply put, marketing your hospice care facility is key in receiving referrals.

What Your Hospice Care Facility Can Expect

Carewatchers refers your facility all qualified calls we receive from hospital social workers, skilled nursing facilities, health care professionals, rehab facilities, insurance companies, community organizations, and family members calling for loved ones searching for hospice care facilities in their city. Your facility can also expect to receive calls from your listing in our directory.

Here's The Benefits

• Carewatchers lists your hospice care in over 50 search engine terms
• Carewatchers reduces your competition and provides more referral opportunities
• Carewatchers provides your hospice facility more exposure to the elder/senior market
• Carewatchers enhances your current marketing and provides an alternative
• Carewatchers charges no referral fee and requires no contract

How To Get Started

Simply submit the application below and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours. If you would like to get started now, but your state or city is not currently open, please call 800-564-8185.

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